Politics is Serious

I don’t think you can be too political. I don’t think you can care too much about your government, your liberties or your country’s influence. America is a precious gift given and paid for by hundreds of thousands. It is by far the best government, even in it’s current state. And if our founding fathers thought it was so important to give up their fortunes, life and family over, it’s important enough for us to go stand in line and vote over! Let no Christian be so inclined to ignore the future of this great nation we’ve been given. The Lord will hold us accountable for how we vote or didn’t vote. Yes, politics is a serious matter!


What Christians are Missing in Politics Today

Winston Churchill was not a gentleman of sorts. He was a brash, cigar smoking and occasionally inebriated mans’ man. However, he was a courageous leader, who achieved true greatness. Born into wealth, he was not required to work. Nevertheless, inside him lay a strong and unyielding desire for significance. His gifts of courage, strength and vision drove him to tirelessly give of himself, constantly putting his own life in danger and at that time with little gratitude, from his fellowman. He rallied, defended and ultimately protected Britain — and consequently the whole world — against the tyranny of Nazi Germany. He wasn’t refined with controlled temper, but he was what we desperately needed at that desperate time. He could not have done what he did, without a significant lack of caring what others think. I believe divinely ordained, he was put in the right place at the right moment. And I am grateful for his courage.

Many Christians miss the Winston Churchills of the day, that walk right past them. They mistake the strength and confidence of these men as “pride” and “selfish ambition”. They are so caught up in polite niceties and gentle manner. They do not see how God has placed within these Churchill types the invaluable gifts of courage, vision and leadership.

Of course I want my President to be without fault, but I look to God to be God and my President to be a strong leader, one who will courageously field us through these uncertain times. And I pray that my President will look to God too.

“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.”  —Winston Churchill

A Great Calling

American Politics is a great calling. It’s original design was entirely for the service of the people, modeled for us by our founding fathers. As they signed the Declaration of Independence, they were risking their lives. For many of them it was at a great personal cost, the loss of homes, entire fortunes and families. Some were even imprisoned, beaten and killed. American Politics was created to be a noble thing, a high calling, an appeal for leaders who would humbly guide, selflessly sacrifice, and courageously defend. What has happened in this country, that men would use politics to satisfy their lust for power, money and fame? The heartbeat of the American Politician should be first and foremost for the care of those entrusted to them. Every political leader should soberly ask himself “Why am I serving in this capacity?  Is it truly for the people?”
Herein lies great significance – the giving of self for the betterment of one’s country, state and fellow man.